My pitch for “Fanboys Attack!”

By: Richie Watkins

Fanboys Attack Poster (2)

The following is my pitch for a short, satirical comedy (with action elements) called Fanboys Attack!   As with my previous blog, my pitch for The Doctors Who RobI am looking for your constructive feedback on the basic idea, the characters, and my casting choices.  Also, let me know who you’d like to see in the roles.


After proclaiming his disinterest in superhero films, an opinionated 8-year-old must defend himself from two angry, adult fanboys.


Once the fanboys are in his house, the boy, hiding, proclaims, “this is my opinion and I have to defend it!”.  From there, the boy uses his house’s intercom system to lure the blind-with-fanboy-rage fanboys into his traps, all the while fueling their rage by supporting his opinion that superhero movies are no longer interesting to him.  But, the fanboys have an edge to throw him off.  They fuel the boy’s rage by accusing him of being elitist and disrespectful of what other people like, and uncaring about the trials and tribulations of the filmmakers behind such films.  Can the boy, who’s alone at home, survive these mind games long enough to finally pummel these two nuisances out of his house?


Corbin—8 years old.  Witty and resourceful, Corbin is prepared for physical attackers; but is he ready for ones who try to mess with his psyche?  He believes that everyone’s disagreements should be civilized, so he becomes angry with disagreers who act uncivilized.  As a result, he stoops to that person’s level by means of condescension, name-calling, and, in this case, physical pain.  (One trap that the little rascal sets up is a Crisco-coated kitchen floor, with thumbtacks peppered throughout).  With Hollywood wizardry, Corbin would be played by a digitally de-aged Danny DeVito.



Eric—55 years old.  He has been reading comics since he was 5 years old, and he is sure to be at every midnight showing of the next superhero movie.  Why, that old Eric, he even made a Facebook event out of going to see the newest film—The Avengers Meet the X-Men and Fantastic Four to Fight the Sinister Six.  But, no one came.  Eric lives alone.  He has a good-paying job, but can’t figure out why no woman will date him.  So, he spends his time online, insulting the intelligence and overall human worth of anyone who, no matter how diplomatically, points out even the most glaring flaw in a superhero film.  He realizes that his mission in life is to destroy Corbin.  He would be played by Pierce Brosnan.



Benny—35 years old.  The other fanboy.  Benny didn’t actually become a fan until he saw 2012’s Avengers a record 104 times in theaters.  Ever since then, he has eaten up every movie and the most popular pieces of merchandise that Marvel has dished out.  He loves the movies so much because he enjoys the fun, the glee, of perfectly perfect people kicking the dastardly bad guy’s butt.  The comedy, specifically the meta humor, is what he likes the most about the films.  Like Eric, he thinks that everyone should be into fun superhero movies, “because they’re made for everyone!”  And when people disagree with him, he gets confused.  And when he gets confused, don’t get him near a keyboard!  Benny would be played by Matthew Lillard.



Obviously, I’m not going to spoil all that happens, but what I can tell you is that the ending will show more fanboys attacking Corbin’s house.  It will be the set-up for the sequel called More Fanboys Attack!


The Doctors Who Rob: My Pitch for an Action-Comedy Film

By: Richie Watkins

The following is my story idea for a short, action-comedy film that I intend to make in the near future.  You will see the one-line description of the story, followed by the list of characters and my dreams actors for each role.  For the story, I would greatly appreciate any constructive feedback.  Offer insight on how the story and/or certain characters can be fleshed out.  And, please remember to give logical reasons on why you do or do not like it.  Talk about what made sense to you and what didn’t.  Even if you think this story sounds like a threat against art and humanity, please explain why.  Also, feel free to give your own suggestions on who should play what character!  Now, without further ado:
The Doctors Who Rob is about a 1-percent-hating, middle-class senior citizen who must defend his mobile home from five rich, robbing doctors, by using booby traps and his bare hands.
Old Man Quivers: lives alone.  Still working a part-time job at a convenience store, he spends his evenings shouting at his TV every time he sees any political candidate.  Quivers despises the idea that his country has turned into one that only coddles the 1%, and leaves everyone else to suffer.  Quivers is barely keeping the lights on at his house, mainly because of his hospital bills—first from getting a heart transplant, and second from getting his foot run over by a doctor—when he was leaving the hospital after a 3-month stay for the transplant.  Quivers is also a Vietnam War veteran, and a retired police officer.  He wishes that a 1-percenter would come to his house and try to take his stuff.  Quivers would be played by Craig T. Nelson.


Dr. Rob: the leader of the robbing doctors.  He is cold, calculating, selfish, and greedy.  He thinks the middle class are a bunch of chumps.  Also, he holds a secret to Old Man Quivers’ past.  He would be played by John Travolta.


Dr. Burglar: the prankster who is easily amused by people accidentally spilling Mac ’n Cheese on themselves.  He would be played by Seann William Scott.

Dr. Jack and Dr. Steal: the sex-crazed couple who are white hot for each other.  Their jobs are to distract the target, by seducing or shocking him or her with their sexual actions.  Jack and Steal would be played by Taylor Lautner and Halle Berry, respectively.

Taylor Lautnerhalle-berry

Dr. Theft: Dr. Rob’s right hand-man.  Lightning fast, brutal fighter.  The most level-headed one of the group.  He stays calm when things go wrong, and provides the voice of reason.  He would be played by Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Responding Officer: happy-go-lucky beat cop who checks out the crime scene.  He greatly admires Old Man Quivers, who he met when Quivers was still on the force.  This is a small role that would be played by none other than Brendan Fraser!

Brendan Fraser Dumb


I look forward to your feedback!