Enter the Cinema is operated by Red Fist Productions, a media production company from St. Louis that produces original action web series and films. At Red Fist we seek to merge Eastern martial arts and Western storytelling in our projects in order to create high quality entertainment.

Our goal for this blog is to share our thoughts on different kinds of media, but with a special focus on film, television, and web content. We hope to deliver in depth analysis, production news, and articles on other topics relating to media.

Meet Our Team:

Matthew Kohler – The fight choreographer and creator of Red Fist Productions, Matt has over fourteen years of martial arts training. He is passionate about incorporating Eastern martial arts into his work, and is inspired most by Bruce Lee. He graduated from Webster University with a BA in Film Production.

Richie Watkins – Born in the Belleville area of Illinois, Richie serves as the producer for all of Red Fist’s projects. He handles the setting up of film shoots and assembly of casts and crews. He is also a representative for Red Fist at business-to-business meetings, networking events, etc. Richie also writes the weekly blog “Richie Rants” for Enter the Cinema.

Ian Blaylock – Ian is a writer and director at Red Fist Productions. He is native to the St. Louis area, and has a BA in Film Production from Webster University. While at school he also focused a lot of his studies on screenwriting as well as mythology.

Chris Campen – Chris is a writer for Red Fist and for Enter the Cinema. He is also an aspiring actor, and chiropractor. He’s an undergraduate at Southwestern Illinois College with a major in English am aiming for an Associates of Arts degree. Chris is also a passionate gamer, and likes reading, anime, and animation.

Brad Drapp – Brad is a writer and special effects person for Red Fist Productions. He recently graduated with a degree B.A. in animation with a focus on 3d computer modeling from Webster University.

Zoie Bentley – Zoie currently studies Game Design at Webster University and is working on a certificate in Animation production. She is one of the artists on staff, and specializes in sketching and drawing. She is also studying graphic design.

Michael Scarry – “Scarry” is a Webster University graduate with a BA in animation. He is interested in mythology, and has a background in theater tech. He currently serves as a creative consultant for Red Fist Productions.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Samuel! We are just on WordPress right now. Our blog is just one part of our company. We also are a growing production company working on action films, and fight choreography. If you would like to check out our fight scenes, visit our YouTube page: http://tinyurl.com/RedFistPrdn . We are also on Facebook as Red Fist Productions, and on Twitter @RedFPrdn.


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