Don’t Believe the Hype! Issue 3: R-Rated BvS is BS?


By: Matthew J.R. Kohler

Recently, we heard that a 3-hour, R-rated director’s cut of Batman v Superman will be released on home video.  Whether or not you like the movie as is, will an R-rated director’s cut make it better?

Personally, I thought BvS was the most boring movie I have seen since Thor 2.  That said, if the movie is already too long, why make it longer?  (Granted, Lord of the Rings was made better because of the added footage, but that is an exception).  For most of BvS, I was either twiddling my thumbs, or looking around at the crowd to see who was actually enjoying it.  You know what the filmmakers should do instead of add 30 minutes?  They should cut 40 minutes.  Why do we need three dreams, two flashbacks, and Wonder Woman?  I know that people like her, but she was unnecessary to the story.  The closest she came to being essential was in the fight against Doomsday, but Superman could have done everything that she did!  Remove all of that clutter, plus the useless Lois Lane subplot (in which she tries to find the origin of the bullet), the needless setup scene for Justice League, and the tacked-on Doomsday appearance, and you get a much simpler movie.  Don’t add more to an overbearing movie; that just makes it worse.

Speaking of which…how about that R-rating?  Why would Warner Brothers do that?  You know, for how many times I have heard people complain about Batman Returns for being too dark (since Batman kills), there is no way they can praise this movie, where he also kills!  Making it rated R is only going to worsen this movie’s problem, and it seems like a desperate cry for love.  The rating just doesn’t belong with these superheroes.  Also, movies such as BvS think that computer graphics in a live-action movie sell.  Well, I’m here to tell you that nobody was getting excited during BvS.  Why?  Because CG effects–whether they’re PG-13 or R-rated–look pitiful because none of it looks believable.

Batman v Superman is not doing well in the critics’ minds, and has been receiving poor word-of-mouth (as evidenced by its record-breaking first-to-second-weekend box office plunge).  If WB thinks that a longer, more hardcore version is going to save the movie’s life after theaters, then why didn’t they put this in the movie to begin with?  As a superhero fan, I ask: do you think that this will service the true fans?  Do you think it will raise the hype for Justice League?  Or is this just another reason to get your money?

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