Top Ten Star Wars Moments

by: Matthew J.R. Kohler

Over the last four decades, Star Wars has penetrated numerous media.  From the big screen to your PC, here are the ten greatest Star Wars moments every fan should know about.  By the way, SPOILERS!!!!


10.) Star Wars: Dark Forces


Many probably have not heard of this game. Its popularity didn’t last long due to Goldeneye‘s release around the same time.  Dark Forces is a FPS game in which you play as Kyle Katarn, and your objective is to take on the Empire.  During your journey, you encounter Boba Fett, storm star destroyers, and uncover the dark troopers.  For the FPS, this game pioneered AI that was actually intelligent, and the 360-degree camera view.  Most games up to that point did not have such features (except for Doom).  Dark Forces also has great replay value because of its engaging levels.  A brilliantly designed game, it is no surprise that it was one the highest-grossing games of the 90s.  If you play the game for context and not graphics, it is a true masterpiece.


09.) Star Wars: Clone Wars

clone wars

When I was 11, I thought this show was dumb.  I asked myself, “Why would I want to wait each week to see only ten minutes of television?”  (This was the 2003 version, not the 2008 version).  Now, having re-watched the entire show, I have to say it is one of the best Star Wars stories.  Throughout the series, the art direction feels like a martial art movie, what with the widescreen look, the silence before the battle, and the crazy action sequences.  Plus, this show follows the movies closer (if that changes things for you).


08.) The Return of Darth Maul


Not many revivals of characters work out well (I’m talking to you Marvel and DC), but Dave Filoni’s story about the return of Maul was nothing short of excellent in Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008).  Not only does Maul return as a stronger and more proactive character, but also we see him grow from a half-robot/spider to a true dark lord.  Darth Maul’s revival is what cemented him as an iconic character of the series.  Although Darth Maul does meet a harsh end in the show, it was remarkable to see him rebound from being tossed away in the first prequel.


07.) Star Wars Fan Films


If you actually love Star Wars, then you’ve seen the Star Wars fan films and their often unique perspectives on the franchise.  With classics such as Troops, Pink Five, Gangsta Rap, Kit Fisto Lives, and, of course, the web series Chad Vader, Star Wars fans clearly know how to do something completely different with the universe.


06.) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


How do you expand Star Wars?  Easy; you go back 4,000 years and create a unique game and gameplay for a Star Wars RPG.  KOTOR is one of my favorite games and has one of THE best twists ever.  KOTOR was able to create new and interesting characters that fans would remember.  At the same time, it stayed true to what makes Star Wars so beloved.


05.) Star Wars: Battlefront

Battlefront instantly became my favorite party game.  Playing the greatest battles from the movies, with the addition of maps from other stories, this third-person shooter took you on the ride of your life through the Star Wars universe.  It defined what fans expect from an action packed Star Wars game.


04.) Ahsoka Tano leaves the Jedi Order

ahsoka leaves

The protagonist of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008), Ashoka Tano had to prove herself to fans because she wasn’t one of the original characters.  When I first watched the show, I couldn’t stand her because she seemed one-dimensional.  After five years of watching her grow up, however, I grew to be attached to her, and realized that she was one of the best characters in the Star Wars universe.  Needless to say, I was sad to see her exit the show.


03.) Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

star wars

What better way to start off your Star Wars fanboy love than with the film that started it all?  Sure, a lot of movies age badly, but this story doesn’t.  One of the best parts about Star Wars is its universe.  If the movie was good solely because of its mind-blowing effects, people wouldn’t watch it today (with a straight face, anyway).  The movie has what movies are missing nowadays: a unique universe that tells a simple, familiar story.


02.) Grand Admiral Thrawn


The best character was created after the original saga, and was part of the first trilogy after Return of the Jedi.  Grand Admiral Thrawn’s trilogy is the best set of books I’ve ever read.  If you want to know what the best non-movie Star Wars story is, then read Heir to the Empire.


01.) Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back


The look, the story, the characters, the music, and the tone were just right in this film.  When I watch it, I can smile the entire time.  The movie is too perfect.  It set the bar sky high for anything called Star Wars.  The Empire Strikes Back will always remain my favorite sci-fi film, and will always be revered as one of the greatest movies ever.


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