Ash vs. Evil Dead – What to Expect

by: Matthew J.R. Kohler


On Halloween, Bruce Campbell returns as Ash, to face the evil dead once again.  That leads to this question, what should we expect?

The trailer makes the show appear to be very similar to Army of Darkness, which I love.  But here is the real question: are we going to like this for more than one episode?  We apparently forget that a movie is a movie, and most of the time a certain type of humor only works in movies, not twenty episodes.  Although Bruce Campbell is amazing, we also have to look at the facts of shows that were hyped based on the strength of their originals, but then quickly forgotten upon premiere.  Who talks about MTV’s ScreamGirl Meets World, the painfully bad version of a show about boys growing up, is a stupid sitcom about nothing that nobody talks about either.  And, let’s not forget about the upcoming X-Files continuation that is enjoying its own daily newsfeed.  Weren’t 200 episodes enough?  From a creative standpoint, it is baffling why we need to see these Moulder and Scully again, after all this time.  Revitalization history is highly likely to repeat itself with the X-Files reboot, because (as recently proven by reunion-style works such as X-Men: Days of Future Past) it is far more fun to talk about something nowadays, than actually watch it.

So what does that mean for this show?  Well, I think Bruce Campbell will be the main reason this show holds on longer than the others, but overall it will not be what we want it to be.  Most comedians have trouble bringing laughs every day on Twitter.  A comedian such as Campbell transitioning from a 90-minute movie to hour-long episodes will result in a valiant effort that will stumble to the finish.

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly common to revitalize beloved shows and movie franchises.  If you are thinking of watching a revitalization, such as Ash vs. The Evil Dead, the first thing you should always do is watch the original—what made the franchise great and popular in the first place.  The reason being is that reboots usually blow, and tend to taint the general view of the original (see: RoboCop).  Society needs to understand this fact before they become mindless yes-men to whatever is hyped as good.  If you want to watch Bruce Campbell, then watch his past movies.  Now that is an idea!  In all fairness, I would like to see this show succeed, but only because of Campbell.

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